Summer Break! 

This photo is from our last gig this spring that we played last week @vernissakulttuuri. We've played ten gigs this year, and though it’s been very cool, now it’s time for a little summer break. In fall we'll be going to the studio and we'll be back with some new songs. Thanks to all of you folks who showed up on our gigs, listened to our songs and supported us! Lots of love!❤ Have a great summer all of you! ✌Stay tuned!

Driven Hearts Club 

This saturday we'll finally get on the stage!

We’re really excited to play our first full show as a band tomorrow!

DRIVEN HEARTS CLUB is a club of our own. It’s about bringing together fellow musicians - uprising solo artists and bands - who share the same enthusiasm, passion and love for the music. Just enjoying the music, good company and magical atmosphere! So here’s the first one in Helsinki, at Hard Rock House!


More shows to come! Check out at SHOWS


Heading to gigs! 

It took a little while to rehearse the new songs. To get to know each other better. And to get our new band rocking. But now we are there. And it all feels very cool! We are really excited to get to play our own shows. Our first short gig took place a week ago @lostinhelsinki. We performed only three songs, with a cello player. The audience were excited of our performance. Thank you guys who attended the venue! Lovely atmosphere!


Here’s a clip of our performance. It’s of a new, yet unpublished song called ”Tiny Oceans”: 

Tiny Oceans @lostinhelsinki 7.11.2017


You can find the lyrics of the song on the lyrics section:

Tiny Oceans - lyrics






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